Discussion Questions

In this section we provide you with some general questions that could apply to any of the stories or if you use several of the stories together. Each story also has a set of questions that relate specifically to the topics it presents. In the topics page you will find a list of themes addressed in the stories, making it easier for you to choose which ones to show based on the issues you want to discuss.

General Questions

  1. How did the story make you feel? Describe the parts of the story (audio and visual) that especially moved or affected you, and talk about why they had such an impact.
  2. Identify some of the life challenges the storyteller raises. What are some of the ways that they handled, or might have handled, these challenges?
  3. How do issues of sex and gender play out in the story, for the storyteller and those around them?
  4. What did you learn from watching the story? (About the storyteller and people like them, and also about yourself.)
  5. What decisions did the storyteller make? How did they affect them and the people around them?
  6. If you were a family member or friend of the storyteller and/or the people they talk about, how might you have approached talking with them about the situation?
  7. What can be done at multiple levels (individual, family, community, organizational, government/policy) to make sure that others don’t go through the same struggles as the storyteller? What can you do, as an individual, to make a difference on these issues?


All the stories deal with issues of masculinity, manhood, personal choices, self-esteem, and healthy relationships to varying degrees. The other issues covered are outlined below. Please watch all the videos before using them with your group to ensure they are appropriate and to see how they can be utilized.

Series One

Fatherhood – Tuval, John, Jim
Violence against women – Tuval, Harold, Rolfe, Juno, Ashton
Violence – Harold, Rolfe, Ashton
Role modeling/Mentorship – Tuval, Kirk, Rolfe, John
Anger – Rolfe, Jim
Racial Identity – Kirk, Jim
Family – Ashton, Kirk, Harold, Rolfe
Homophobia/Transphobia – Juno

Series Two

Fatherhood – Pillai, Suria
Violence against women – Augustine, Raeshean, Suria,
Violence – Augustine
Role modeling/Mentorship – Augustine, Pillai, Raeshean, Talluja
Anger – Raeshean, Gurinder
Traditional Gender Roles – Gurinder, PIllai
Family – Augustine, Pillai, Suria, Raeshean, Talluja


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