White Ribbon is pleased to present this Discussion Guide for school and community educators. This is an initiative of It Starts With You It Stays with Him, a social media campaign aimed to inspire men to reach out to the boys and young men around them and motivate them to build healthy, equal relationships.

classroom2As educators, we have an opportunity to positively influence the boys and young men we teach. Promoting gender equality in our schools and communities and teaching boys and young men about healthy, equal relationships helps to create safer schools and communities for women, girls, boys, and men.

Creating gender equitable and violence free schools and communities gives boys and girls a greater opportunity to succeed in the classroom. When students feel safe and secure opportunities are available, regardless of their sex or sexuality, they are more likely to succeed. We can help give students a profound gift by role modeling and teaching the benefits of healthy, equal relationships and gender equality.

Why focus on men and boys?

Most violence committed against women is by men. In fact, most violence against men and boys is also committed by men. While the majority of men do not condone it, they often do not speak out or make their feelings publicly known. As a result, a culture of silence is created around gender inequality and men’s violence. Men need to speak up and reach out to their peers and younger boys to help create a society that values healthy equal relationships. Violence against women is a real concern for all of us.

A remarkable thing is happening around the world. In White Ribbon Campaigns in over 60 countries, men and boys are showing their strength by speaking out against the epidemic of violence against women. Men and boys are examining their attitudes and actions.

They are asking important questions about creating healthier and happier relationships. They are proudly joining with women and girls to end the many forms of violence against women that are some of the most persistent human rights problems in the world today. They are proclaiming that our future has no violence against women.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool to explore complex and meaningful issues. In the modern context, digital storytelling is an incredible way to expose young people to a diversity of stories that allow them to see their own lives reflected in the experiences of others and also to develop empathy and understanding for those whose lives are different from their own.



Share this link and invite your friends to learn more about violence against women and the positive role they can play in putting an end to it.

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