Sharing the Stories

Before Showing The Stories

Make sure you are well versed on the issues. Familiarise yourself with gender equality, violence against women, issues before sharing these stories. Check out www.whiteribbon.caand, especially the section for educators, to find more info.

slide46-1Know where NOT to show stories. Make sure your group is prepared for a serious, healthy discussion and that the material is appropriate for them.

Be aware of support services. Identify available support/advocacy services that you can refer discussion participants to afterwards, if necessary. These might include Kids Help Line or a school counsellor. These stories will not necessarily provoke disclosures from your group but they may and it’s important to be prepared.

When You Present Stories:

Inform viewers about the subjects of the stories. Some viewers may react strongly to the content of particular stories, depending on their personal experiences. Offer an introduction prior to any screening, regarding the nature of the stories you’re planning to show.



Share this link and invite your friends to learn more about violence against women and the positive role they can play in putting an end to it.

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