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You are a family member

If you think you’re not ready for the cover of Male Model Magazine, here’s news: You’re a model whether you auditioned for the role or not. If you’re a family member, the boys in your life are watching you. They’re soaking up experiences for reference and use. And the things you say and do will help shape their attitudes on gender-based violence. We have the stories, tips, videos and tools to help you raise and mentor boys who value women and girls and treat them with respect.   Access our new I’m A Male Model Brochure via downloadable PDF.

As family members, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, or father figures, you have the ability to positively influence your younger male family members. Promoting gender equality and teaching the young boys in your life about healthy equal relationships helps you do your part in building healthy families and strengthening family bonds.

Teaching boys and young men how to achieve consent, set boundaries, use respectful communication in all their relationships and value women and girls is something we can all do.

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