E-Learning Module

Please Contact us to discuss how to engage and educate men and boys through It Starts With You and White Ribbon Campaign in your school, community, and workplace. We can partner with you to develop and tailor e-learning opportunities for your community, organization or workplace.

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One of the most important steps you can take to help end violence against women is to learn more about the issue, and to strengthen your skills and capacity to help those in your personal and professional life learn about healthy, equal relationships. Whether you’re an educator, a community worker, or a human resources professional, you can make a significant difference in your community by helping those around you understand the role they can play in ending violence against women.

Digital Stories

By the time you complete Working With Boys to Promote Gender Equality in Your Community, you will have watched a couple of digital stories. You may be interested in using these stories to promote inquiry and discussion. Follow this link to a collection of digital stories related to the topics in the module along with a useful discussion guide.


Share this link and invite your friends to learn more about violence against women and the positive role they can play in putting an end to it.

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