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The e-learning modules are brought to you by the White Ribbon Campaign in partnership with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation.

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Working with Boys to Promote Gender Equality in our Schools

Promoting gender equality in our schools and teaching boys and young men about healthy, equal relationships helps to create safer schools and communities for women, girls, boys, and men.

This module contains information, tools, and resources relevant for teachers and students in grades 6-9.

Workshop Template: Promoting Safer and Gender Equitable Sports Cultures

A coach is a mentor, friend, teacher, parental figure and leader of their team. Coaching begins from THE first conversation, through every practice and after every game — the time spent with the players is laying the groundwork for the foundation of the team’s culture.

This workshop template contains a series of activities that help promote safe spaces for honest and open conversation between coaches and players. Safe spaces allow for player growth as leaders and allies to those who experience violence in its various formats.

Workshop Template:  Problem solving how to develop more Gender-Inclusive Spaces 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related fields have a reputation of not being the most inviting field for women.

This workshop template contains a series of activities that help post-secondary and senior high school students develop an analysis of sexism and non-inclusive environments within the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) field.

Student Learning Module

The interactive segments of this online module may be useful to engage your students in discussions about gender equity and healthy relationships. In order to make it easier for you to connect your students with these interactive elements, we have created a small module to be used by students.

Digital Stories

By the time you complete Working With Boys to Promote Gender Equality in Your Community, you will have watched a couple of digital stories. You may be interested in using these stories to promote inquiry and discussion. Follow this link to a collection of digital stories related to the topics in the module along with a useful discussion guide.


Share this link and invite your friends to learn more about violence against women and the positive role they can play in putting an end to it.

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